Saturday, September 19, 2009

009 SeriThe Second Encounter PC Game (Mediafire Links)


Serious Sam: The Next Encounter

Next Encounter is a console exclusive version of Serious Sam that was released for the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo GameCube. The weapons in Next Encounter are all remakes of those from the PC games (e.g. the revolvers are renamed to pistols), also support for vehicles and brand new levels with previously visited history periods new have been added; in addition, different types of ammunition were available for certain weapons. In line with the PC releases, Next Encounter retailed at a budget price of 19.99 (USD). While this game was not developed by Croteam, but by Climaxunder stylistical and technological terms, it is still identical to the other games in the series. Climax also developed Serious Sam: Advance. It starts off with Sam Stone stepping into a time machine which teleported him into ancient Rome where large groups of Mental’s forces are waiting.

System Requirements

300 MHz Pentium II CPU; 64 MB RAM; 16 MB Video RAM; 4x CD-ROM; 150 MB Hard Drive Space; Mouse.

Download "Serious Sam: The Second Encounter PC Game (Mediafire Links)" from here:


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