Friday, September 18, 2009

Driver Parallel Lines (PC Game) (mediafire links)

Driver: Parallel Lines is a product racing action with Atari's new tasks interesting. The initial information indicates that the game focuses less on the type of scenario that Hollywood spent much welcome break for the gameplay to breathe life.

In fact, Parallel Lines with the plot but is more basic to you that you are involved in running the crime in New York City from the last 70 years. Gamers will enter a few of the new joker in touch steering wheel, and just to the Big Apple to receive tasks from the "godfather". Life mafia will start from here with aspiration stair climb power underground world and become a "someone".

Guy "Johnny Raw" this seems quite out of the specific period but you will not be optional nhếch clothing to consider for this material. Part of the development priority is in the race entry and Vocational skills behind hand drive.

The events described in the first look will take you right to a race to find blood on exit "com" is hunt. Tasks quite easily this will give you the opportunity to become familiar with the drive mechanism of Parallel Lines, with very similar game on bins. When completed the run hide this, the game will open a story and map of New York will be received at the mission and work the next. A message will appear on the screen when a new task.

The story will continue with the style branches, which have numerous tasks appear at once for your choice. For example, a task will take people to "share legs" car and drive it to a point "in the" select first without re-establish something. In a different context, you are participating in the race but not for this month that the only task of "choc ngoay" to clear the way for a car that on purpose before. Or, players can participate in a hell robbed by jumping around driving a car iron buckets and poured wall barriers. When the intrusion was in, gamers will have to use guns to school to automatically lower bọn guc sentinel.

But the race with will appear with many numerous tasks minigame-style options to make money in the face of urgency. This game will take place regularly on the track closed. There are also races on the street to kick Hoanh and remove objects annoying much. The minigame role in game because you can make to the source of their assets to the full, and it helps to swallow task outgrow.

Have legs when the vehicle quotient is, players can bring to a nearby store to sell for money. Gamers can adjust factors such as high speed and the correct speed or fails, more against lead and glass shell borders. And of course, there are many "son the" points to the box for the vehicle. But gamers also need to pay attention when driving a vehicle on the road sleeken costs for investment to correct the paint is very expensive.

New version Parallel Lines looks better and runs better than my money context Driver 3 are all in early stages of development. Game shows very quiet compassion-based PS2 gamers when crossing the streets of Big Apple and in fact, you do not need to stop some time to download to a task. Within the day to show a better version with street lights and fuzzy ball of virtual buildings in the night table. Of the show, it seems artist have started a complete package of New York in 1978. Part sound unfinished, but promises in accordance with feelings of gamers.

The people also play a notable part in the game, according to which 7 gamers are having a different time and explore the world this crime. There are about 7 or 8 minigame that you can set up and participate. When you've done, players will automatically receive an invitation from you to join your minigame and start working on the race.

Minimum configuration:
Windows XP / Vista
Intel P4 2GHz
Hard Disk: 4 GB
VGA 3D Video Card 64MB (do not support the MX)

Download Driver Parallel Lines (PC Game) (mediafire links) from here:

Open file to update the game itself, one of the game down and then down to this on the compressed cells of documents folder and then setup

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