Friday, September 18, 2009

Little King's Story (Wii games) (mediafire links)

Name game: Little King's Story
Categories: Enter a few - Simulation
Computer system: PAL
Development XSeed
Issue: Nintendo
Size: 4.29 GB

Finally, the game is expected to wait for 4 months this year also launched: Little King's Story. Game format under mixed-rpg imitate hopeful some people from each participating as Harvest Moon, Dragon Quest VIII and Final Fantasy XII. Composer for the game are three Yoko Shimomura, famous through auditing as well as music for Kingdom Heart series. Figure is Cocoro Bredand, king in a village. Your task is to make the village development and phuc.Ngoai your village, there are 7 other villages with their king.
Game IGN is assessed 9 points, is worth to try

Download Little King's Story (Wii games) (mediafire links) from here:

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