Friday, September 18, 2009

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii games)

Name game: Super Mario Galaxy
Category: Adventure - Action
System: NTSC - U
Development: Nintendo
Issue: Nintendo

New way of playing is very strange, create cú 1 hit as Super Mario 64 before. When you start playing you will see quite "headaches" vakhong very familiar eyes. However, the later will be more or. Music in the game to say is excellent. Image of course is quite good. If you like, you can stop between them and look around. You can see the universe quầng am the remote, very beautiful. The plot is still the traditional: Mario rescue Peach.
Quái the novelty will promise to bring you many challenges.

This is a game worth to try on Wii!

Download Super Mario Galaxy (Wii games) from here:

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