Friday, September 18, 2009

Three Cards to Midnight (PC Game) (mediafire links)

201 MBThe last thing Jess Silloway can recall is meeting her boyfriend, Daniel, for dinner on the eve of her thirtieth birthday. The next morning, she'll fly to the Florida Keys to celebrate her birthday with her parents aboard her father's yacht. Everything in Jess's life is good...on track.

Except...something feels different. Maybe it's just her impending birthday – some kind of mini-midlife crisis. Or maybe it's something else...

Jess suddenly finds herself in a room with a man she's never seen before, who tells her that something has happened...something that has caused her to block out the events of the past days or weeks since her last memory. The man is there, he says, to help Jess remember.

The man lays out a series of Tarot cards, each of which seems to trigger memories of a person or place in Jess's subconscious – some from childhood...others from the recent past...and some that are totally unfamiliar.

The man asks Jess to choose one card and focus on it – and so begins her chilling journey into the past...

Game Features:
7-8 hours play-through time
8 Chapters
Non-linear progression
Multiple Endings
3 Difficulty Levels
Easy: Allows virtually anyone to play!
Challenge: Normal difficulty
Gamer: After playing the Easy or Challenge level, replay on this level and get new, tougher gameplay!
Over 20 unique, searchable locations
Over 15 challenging puzzles
Excellent story
Designed and written by award-winning creative team
Psychological thriller
Over 80 cinematic scenes
High quality audio, featuring:
Award-winning sound production
Professional voice acting
Original musical score
Adult themes
Minimal blood
No suggestive themes, violence, or strong language

Download Three Cards to Midnight (PC Game) (mediafire links) from here:
Three Cards to Midnight (PC Game) (mediafire links) Part 1
Three Cards to Midnight (PC Game) (mediafire links) Part 2
thanx to TAC-CM

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